10 Reasons Why Santaquin is the Perfect Place for Your New Home Build

10 Reasons Why Santaquin is The Perfect Place for Your New Build Home

Finding the perfect house can be a serious struggle. Between getting enough space to fit all your needs to ensure the finishing touches are just right you want to know you’ve found the place that will become home.

Beyond the cosmetics, however, is the heart of every home buyer’s decision: location. Finding the perfect place to live and grow is even more of a struggle. You want a smaller, family-friendly area with a decent commute and good schools but don’t necessarily want to sacrifice the amenities a bigger city might have. With so much change and upheaval in the world, it’s incredibly important, now more than ever, to have a comfortable home in a safe community to truly call your own.

The answer? Santaquin, Utah. It’s 10.39 square miles of land means there’s plenty of space for everyone. With close proximity to the outdoors, great job opportunities, low crime rates, and a quaint communal feel, Santaquin is the perfect place to put down roots. Whether you’re looking to build your dream home soon or still trying to find the perfect location to establish your family, let’s take a deeper look into why Santaquin, Utah should be at the top of your list.

Apple Hollow in Santaquin, Utah

We love Santaquin so much we decided to build an entire community here. Apple Hollow is a newly constructed refuge made up of single-family cottage homes and townhouses. Each home is designed with flexible and functional floor plans to suit your taste, style, and needs. Choose from luxurious finishes like granite or quartz countertops and laminate/LVP flooring that transform your new home into a comfortable yet distinctive retreat.

The best part? All landscaping and snow removal is maintained by the HOA. Plus, both cottages and townhomes enjoy a community clubhouse which will include a kitchenette and gathering area, fitness equipment, media room, splash pad, and playground.  

Why Santaquin is The Perfect Place To Build A Home

Whether you’re a young couple just starting out, need a calm place for your growing family, or looking for a slower pace of life, this Utah County suburb has something for everyone. Word is getting out. Since 2010 Santaquin has seen a 20.9% growth rate, the seventh-highest growth rate of cities in Utah County, behind Vineyard, Saratoga Springs, Elk Ridge, Eagle Mountain, Lehi, and Salem.

Now is the time to explore all this area has to offer, especially before everyone else does. Learn more about Santaquin below and discover what makes this town a great spot to build your new home.

The Great Outdoors

What makes Utah one of the best places to live? Easy, its awe-inspiring natural

wonders. Living here means hiking, camping, hunting, and kayaking are just a regular part of your everyday life. Not to mention there will be breathtaking scenery almost everywhere you go. Make the most out of living in this great state with better access to all the great outdoors have to offer.

Santaquin is situated in a prime spot for weekend adventures starting with Santaquin Canyon. Enjoy picnicking, hiking, cave exploring, and rock climbing at this stunning spot. Avid hiker? Take in the stunning vistas at Dry Mountain, a 3.9 mile trail that features beautiful wild flowers and lets your furry friend join in the fun too.

Want to feel like you’re a million miles away from earth? Little Sahara National Recreation Area transports you to a dune-filled desert and offers activities like ATVing, hiking, biking, or simple sun-bathing. Also nearby? Mt. Nebo, Nebo scenic byway, Utah Lake State Park, Blackhawk Campground, Mona Reservoir, Bald Mountain, and Spring Lake Trout Farm.

Small Town Feel

While Santaquin is only about 55 miles from Salt Lake City it feels worlds away. With a population of only about 12,274 people this quiet town masters the perfect balance of big-city amenities with a small-town feel.

Santaquin is near everything you need, think big box stores, national chains, plus it has a buzzy main street packed with quaint restaurants and coffee shops. One of these is Leslie’s Family Tree Restaurant, featured on the Travel Channel due to rumors it’s haunted, we can’t guarantee ghosts but can attest to its delicious food and mouth-watering scones.

There’s plenty of libraries, churches, public parks, community centers, and recreation spaces that hold numerous activities for both kids and adults.

Job Growth

Currently, the unemployment rate in Santaquin, Utah is 2.8% (for reference the U.S. average pre-covid was 3.9%). Plus, Santaquin jobs have increased by about 2.6%. All this means there’s an upward trend of positive job growth in the area. Even better? The average commute in Santaquin is just 20 minutes.

The other benefit is its close proximity to other major job centers like Provo, Payson, Lehi, Silicon Slopes, and Salt Lake City. With direct access to I-15, getting around from Santaquin is a breeze.

Future House Value

When looking to purchase a home many people likely aren’t thinking about selling that home. Considering the value (or potential value) of your home, however, is a very important part of the homebuying process. You want to ensure you’re making a good investment that can benefit you in the future.

Now is the perfect time to buy in Santaquin. The median home price here is $342,700 and home appreciation is up 14.6%. Between a growing population, positive job growth, and steadily rising housing prices there is an expected boom in Santaquin in the very near future. Building a new, customized house with Revere Homes is the best way to solidify your investment. A brand-new home in a safe community with high-end finishes will hold its value for far longer.

Public School System

Santaquin is an incredibly family-friendly town. While there are many factors that contribute to the population growth here, easy access to quality public schools is definitely at the top of the list.

In addition to being a close distance, Santaquin student-to-teacher ratio ranked 22:1, which is 39% higher than the national average. With a 86% graduation rate, you can trust your kids will get a great education in Santaquin. Another great statistic? 21% of people in Santaquin hold a bachelor’s degree.

Young Population

Did you know that the average age of Santaquin residents is 23? This makes it one of the youngest average ages of cities in Utah County. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 13.3 percent of the city is under the age of 5 and 42.6 percent of the city is under the age of 18.

Such a young population means Santaquin is home to a vibrant scene with plenty of activities, sports, and events. Similarly, it means making friends is much easier and your children are guaranteed to have other kids to play within their age range.

Low Crime Rate

Santaquin gets an A+ for safety. This small town is located in a safe, comfortable area with a pastoral setting, evoking the security and carefree nature of days gone by. This has translated into a 66% lower crime rate than the national average and a 67% rate lower than Utah. A visible and reliable police force also means violent crime is 92% less than it is on a national scale. Property crimes are also much less than the national and Utah averages.

Being a more rural town with a smaller population also means a closer sense of community that’s ideal for family life.


Fun fact, Santaquin is the second-largest producer of tart cherries in the country. How did this come to be? Well, when the Geneva Steel plant was constructed in the mid-1900s, the population of Orem and Provo began to grow. According to Santaquin City, this caused many of the fruit farmers in the county to move to Santaquin to plant large orchards.

Every summer, Santaquin celebrates this unique history of its orchards with its Orchard Days celebration. In addition to these fun celebrations, there are year-round farms and orchards you can visit. We love Rowley’s Red Barn for its delicious cherries, ice cream, and scenery.

Low Cost of Living

With a cost of living that’s lower than the national average, you’ll find that your money goes a lot further on goods and services than it would in Salt Lake City or other popular suburbs like Sandy, Cottonwood Heights, Herriman, or Federal Heights.

Opportunity to Build Your Dream Home

We might be biased, but we think one of the best things about living in Santaquin is the incredible opportunity to build your dream home. At Revere Homes, we’re all about beautiful design, custom touches, and affordable luxury. We pride ourselves on being experienced, creative, detail-driven home builders that listen and care about your wants and needs.

With your direction, we’ll build you a warm, comfortable, show-stopping home in our quaint Apple Hollow community. You’ll get to select floor plans, finishes, and countertops to suit your taste. Imagine a pristine, never lived-in home that’s made just for you.

With luxurious touches, attention to detail, and personalization, at Apple Hollow Santaquin we don’t just build houses, we bring your dream home to life.

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