Where to Live in Utah: Top Towns to Move to

Where To Live In Utah: Top Towns To Move To

When you’re talking about buying a home, the term ‘best’ holds different meanings for different needs. You’ll want to consider things like cost of living, access to public transportation, schools, proximity to entertainment, crime rates, and the list goes on. What’s best for a single person may not be best for a couple starting a family—the city versus the suburbs.

There are many reasons to move to Utah; you know this already if you’re an outdoors enthusiast. There is so much for a hiker, skier, climber, camper, and general; get me outside no matter the weather, no matter the season, type of people, to do in Utah.

On top of that, the tech field is flooding into Utah with companies and jobs galore. Silicon Slopes is a technology hub, similar to Silicon Valley in California. Situated between Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah, the slopes are filled with large and small tech companies that have swarmed to Utah for various reasons, including getting tax incentives, hiring tech workers, and taking advantage of the low cost of living.

The Real Estate Market for 2022

The past two years have been a bit of a wild ride for the country. We’ve been dealing with a pandemic, rising gas prices, inflation, and a sour feeling across the nation about our political situation. This new year doesn’t seem to be letting up much.

With all that in mind, we thought it would be prudent to share a little information about the housing market in Utah. Those wishing to move here or moving within the state understand that, despite the beautiful towns and areas on offer, the housing market will still be a royal pain in the tuckus for those looking to buy or rent.

Realtor.com recently named the Salt Lake City region as the expected No. 1 housing market in the nation for 2022. They also anticipate prices to grow 8.5% and sales to grow 15.2%. This would place Salt Lake City and much of the state ahead of other booming markets like Boise, ID, Spokane, WA, and Indianapolis, IN.

Utah has a housing crunch, which looks to continue deep into 2022. But, builders like Revere Homes can help you with your home building, moving to Utah journey.

Where to Live

Despite the housing market squeeze, there is still plenty to do, plenty to see in Utah, so if you’re thinking of moving here or you live here, but you’re looking for a change of scenery, we’re here to help. Here are the top places to move to in Utah in no particular order.

Wasatch Hollow

Population: 3,458
Median Home Value: $470,224
Median Rent: $1,291
Median Household Income: $124,575

Wasatch Hollow Differs from some of our other choices slightly but positively. You have a sparse suburban feeling here, lots of young professionals, but here we’re seeing parks and playgrounds that fill our other choices give way to coffee shops and trendy restaurants. You’re also going to find that the population tends to be more liberal than some of the other predominantly conservative towns. This is still a home-owning community with 87% homeowners and 13% renters. The public schools here all rank above average compared to other places in Utah.

Looking at the national report card, we see Wasatch Hollow pulls A’s for families, jobs, and outdoor activities with housing an A-. We see nightlife has a B+ and both health & fitness and commute get an A+. Cost of living is at a C, and crime and safety come in at a C+.

Crime here in Wasatch Hollow is higher than a few of our other choices, and when we compare crime rates to the national average, you’re looking at these numbers. When calculated annually per 100,000 residents, violent crimes are more significant than other places on this list. Assault is 443.7 compared to the national average of 282.7, and robbery is 63.4 compared with 135.5. The good news is there are 0 murders and 0 rapes. So, for violent crimes, this is still a safe place.

Property crimes, again calculated annually per 100,000 residents, shakes out like this, burglary is 443.7 compared to 500.1 nationally. Theft is 2,060.2 compared to 2,042.8, and motor vehicle theft comes in at 412 compared to 284. Still, when looking at the size of the population used compared to the population of Wasatch Hollow, crime is very minimal.

Niche ranking puts Wasatch Hollow here, best neighborhood to buy a house in Salt Lake City, #1 out of 22. Bets neighborhoods to raise a family in Salt Lake City, #1 of 22, and best neighborhoods to live in Salt Lake City, #3 out of 22.

This is a sweet spot for young families or couples just starting. An easy commute to all the nightlife and fine dining of Salt Lake City but with a quiet, suburban vibe that offers comfort and a great place to raise kids.


Population: 6,819
Median Home Value: $262,700
Median Rent: $1,058
Median Household Income: $91,372

Nibley is on the smaller side of the suburbs category and feels like a rural community. Most people own their homes; only 6% are renters, leaving 94% who own. There are a lot of parks and playgrounds, so families do well. The public schools are highly rated, and you’ll find young professionals and families making up most of the population.

On the national report card, Nibley gets an A for public schools, housing, suitable for families, jobs, and health & fitness. It pulls an A- for outdoor activities and commutes. For the rest of the report card, Nibley is not a culturally diverse place, primarily a conservative community, and the cost of living is about a C+.

Crime is pretty much non-existent, and crime rates are so far below the national average that the number doesn’t even register so, it is a very safe place to live.

Nibley is growing but not so fast that residents feel the need to move due to overreaching change. Stable, dependable, and comfortable are words to describe Nibley.

According to Niche rankings, Nibley places #1 out of 154 for best places to buy a house in Utah. #9 for best places to raise a family and #11 for best public schools. Overall, Nibley is a charming place to buy a house and start a family.


Population: 1,468
Median Home Value: $253,700
Median Rent: $583
Median Household Income: $58,826

Benson is almost a mirror image of Nibley. It is a small town with an easy rural feeling. Lots of homeowners, 90% own and only 10% rent. Strong community feeling and very welcoming for

families at any stage. Excellent public schools and plenty of parks and opportunities to recreate outdoors.

On the national report card, Benson gets straight A’s across public schools, housing, suitable for families, jobs, and outdoor activities. It’s only slightly more culturally diverse than Nibley; again, conservative professionals abound, ad the cost of living comes in at about a B-.

Very much like Nibley, the crime in Benson is almost non-existent. Once again, we see the crimes rates so far below the national average that they don’t even register—a very safe place to live for kids and adults.

Looking at the Niche rankings, Benson sits at #2 for best places to buy a house in Utah, #15 for public schools, and #23 for best places to raise a family.

Benson is quiet and stable, and you’re not going to see a tremendous amount of change here. More houses will be built, but the overall feeling and character of the town are going to be pretty steady into the future.


Population: 7,407
Median Home Value: $281,900
Median Rent: $982
Median Household Income: $80,697

Once again, you’re looking at a sparse suburban feeling populated by mostly conservative young professionals—good parks and playgrounds as well as excellent coffee shops and dining experiences. On top of this, you have a very highly rated public school system for the kids.

The national report card gives A’s for schools, housing, suitable for families, jobs, outdoor activities, and health & fitness. Nightlife, diversity, and commute all get between B and a B+. Cost of living sits at a C+.

Providence is a very safe town, with crime calculated annually per 100,000 residents coming in so far below the national average that numbers do not even register. Very much another homeownership town with 86% of residents owning homes and only 14% renting.

The Niche rankings are very positive as well here. Providence is #3 out of 154 for best places to raise a family in Utah. Best places to buy a house in Utah is #4 out of 154 and #4 on the list of best public schools in Utah. Those are good numbers for families.

You can see why Providence makes this list with low crime, good schools with ethnic diversity, and an A for jobs.


Population: 31,494
Median Home Value: $339,500
Median Rent: $948
Median Household Income: $99,597

One word, pickleball. Yup, Kaysville has a lot of pickleball enthusiasts. And, that’s good because the city has a lot of parks and offers a lovely rural feeling to residents. This is another place in Utah ripe with young professionals and a mostly conservative population. High-rated schools make it appealing for families with kids.

You’ll want to hang on the fridge this national report card. You’re looking at A’s for schools, housing, jobs, outdoor activities, and an A+ for both good for families and outdoor activities. Like, pickleball. Cost of living sits at a C+ with your commute being a B+.

Kaysville is a safe place. Again, calculating against the national average with a control of 100,000 residents, violent crimes lays out like this, 36.7 versus a national average of 282.7. Rape is 30.7 versus 40.7, and robbery is 3.1 compared to 135.5. Murder sits at 0 compared to the national 6.1 average.

Property crimes are a bit higher but still low in comparison. Burglary is 136.4 versus 500.1; theft is 654.6 as opposed to 2,042.8, and motor vehicle theft is 48.9 compared to the national average of 284. It is a safe place, and it gets a B for a national grade on crime and safety.

Looking at the Niche ranking, we have this, #1 out of 72 for best suburbs to buy a house in Utah. Best suburbs to live in Utah sees Kaysville at #1 of 72, and best suburbs to raise a family in Utah also puts Kaysville at #1 of 72. That’s not too shabby.

Kaysville is by far the largest town on the list, but residents say it still feels small. A friendly rural feeling with a lot of homeowners. 88% own as compared to 12% renting. There is a settled feeling and a good number of families with kids.

Utah Offers So Much More

Now, that’s just the top five; however, Utah offers more, More diverse places, more outdoor activities, access to mountains for hiking and skiing, downtown Salt Lake for nightlife and fine dining. Utah offers safe, comfortable neighborhoods and good schools as well.

If you want to know more about finding a great place to buy or build a house for your family is in Utah, talk to the experts at Revere Homes. They’ve been building homes, creating neighborhoods, and helping people raise families and forge friendships for decades.

Find out all that Utah has to offer for home buyers and home builders, give Revere Homes a call today and start your own Utah adventure.

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