How Long Does a Custom-Built Home Really Take?

How Long Does A Custom-Built Home Really Take?

There is so much to consider when purchasing a new home, from cost to future renovations to location. When purchasing a brand new, custom-built home, however, you also have to factor in the actual construction time.

This can be frustrating since most of us (whether we like to admit it or not) are impatient. Once you’ve purchased a new home we understand how eager you are to move in right away! Aside from the desire to immediately start enjoying your new home, there can often be a lack of transparency when it comes to how long the construction process will take and exactly what’s involved.

Before you commit to building a new home, you need to understand every aspect of the building process and this includes both the financial and time commitments. There are lots of factors that dictate how long a new-build home can take, which can range from the complexity of a project and the intricacy of the floor plan to the weather.

Below, we’re breaking down exactly what you can expect when purchasing a custom new-build home and diving into the realities that can impact construction time. Plus, how long you really have to wait from the day you sign a contract to the day you move into your brand new home.

Pre-Construction Process

Building a new home takes so much more than just the actual construction. There are environmental factors, permits, availability of supplies and workers, and so much more to consider before ever breaking ground.

Before a builder can start creating your dream home, for example, the proper approvals, inspections, and permits must be obtained. This can cause delays or lengthen the pre-construction process. Then, the building company must assemble an experienced team of architects and builders. Finally, the lot must be prepared. This includes clearing trees, rocks, and other debris plus, leveling for the foundation.

All of these steps, however, can only begin once you’ve been approved for home loans, signed all the official contracts, and made all the necessary custom selections like floor plans, style, and any other bonus options (ie: 2-car garage or basement).

On average, this entire process can take anywhere from 2-4 months. With all these time-consuming tasks to complete, it’s important to work with an experienced and professional home building company that specializes in new construction to ensure the entire pre-construction process runs as smoothly as possible.

What Is The Average Construction Time Of A New Home?

So, you’ve been approved for a loan! You’ve chosen the floor plan of your dreams and all other aspects of the pre-construction process have been completed. After you’ve popped that celebratory bottle of bubbly you might find yourself thinking…now what?

According to a 2019 Survey of Construction from the Census Bureau, the average construction time of a single-family home is around 7 months. However, it’s worth noting that this data doesn’t include the pre-construction process.

At Revere Homes, we deliver our custom-built estate homes in around 200 calendar days or 6-7 months from foundation dig to completion. We strive to communicate with our clients every step of the way. It’s integral that we are open and transparent to ensure you’re properly informed of the reality of the process.

Factors That Slow Down Progress

While the construction of a new build home can be completed in a little over half a year, there are outside factors that impact the length of this entire process. Some of these will be within your control, through making efficient and timely decisions and choosing experienced builders, while others will be out of your control. Therefore it’s important to be aware and informed of all the factors that can slow down progress on your new home.

Design Changes: Before you can expect your home to be built, you need to choose your floor plan, features, and design elements. While some of these smaller-scale aesthetic choices like countertops or flooring can be selected after breaking ground (though we don’t recommend it!) larger elements like floor plan, basement, or garage size, need to be decided from the get-go.

As a general rule of thumb, the more standard your floor plan is, the quicker your home will be built. That’s why it’s much more efficient to work with a construction company that already has experience building similar floor plans and implementing unique design features. Keep in mind that while usually not possible, if you do make slight design changes after your home is already under construction, this will add on much more time.

Weather: A major variable in how long it takes to build a new construction home is the weather, temperature, and precipitation. Major snowstorms, for example, can not only slow down the workers themselves but also impact the actual building as the ground might be too cold to set concrete or dig the foundation. This can especially impact certain locations as the soil will vary greatly based on the type of topography and how it reacts to weather, ie: tougher soil with lots of rain will turn into a clay-like substance.

Authorization: The amount of time it takes to get formal approval and official permits from the local Planning and Building Department will certainly vary, but shouldn’t take more than a month. However, that is usually for new build houses that require proper zoning and property line assessments. Opting for a home in a new-build community has numerous advantages, but one of the biggest ones is that these developments have usually already cleared all legal aspects and are ready to immediately begin construction.

Builder & Supply Availability: One of the more interesting impacts of COVID-19 was the shortage of building supplies. Suddenly, with millions of people spending the majority of their time inside their homes, home upgrades and expansions grew exponentially. Similarly, renters looking for more space and privacy sought out new homes to own instead. The result? A nationwide shortage of lumber and other building materials. While this has mostly leveled off, this demonstrated how outside factors can influence the supply chain and availability of builders, contractors, and materials which ultimately influence how soon a project can begin or resume.

How To Get Your New-Build Home Faster

While some factors that slow down construction on your new home are completely out of your control, like the weather and global pandemics for a start, others you can take charge of. Ready to get your home built faster? Follow these three simple steps.

Make Decisions Efficiently: We understand you want your new home to be perfect. That’s why at Revere Homes we offer efficient home upgrades, a variety of flexible floor plans, and luxe design choices. When building your new home there are tons of decisions you’ll have to make upfront, from flooring to backsplash to the garage size.

However, if you want your home to be built quickly, try to make these decisions as efficiently as possible. Make sure to do your research ahead of time and consolidate your design preferences as well as your budget for any upgrades.

Get Pre-Approved: Before you even approach house-hunting it’s best to know exactly where you are financially. Making sure to get a mortgage pre-approval or loan will not only establish your budget but make sure that when you’re ready to buy a home you have all your financing in place to make the process as easy as possible.

Choose The Right Builder: Once you purchase a new-build home and make all your design decisions, the construction process leaves your hands. This can be daunting or stressful so it’s important to choose an experienced builder that’s transparent and communicative. Ultimately, the length of your home construction depends entirely on which builder you work with.

Make sure to pick a builder with a proven track record of building great homes, positive reviews, and a reliable network of quality subcontractors. It’s also important to work with a builder that is clear and organized about each step of the construction process and eager to involve and inform you.

The Revere Homes Guarantee

Imagine a pristine home, never before dwelt in, where you create all the memories, all the pencil marks on the walls, all the laughter, and life that fills the rooms is yours alone. At Revere Homes, we pride ourselves on being experienced, creative, detail-driven home builders that listen and care about the people we’re building a new home for. From floor plans to finishes, you get to personalize and customize your home to suit you and your family. Ready to make your dream home a reality? Contact us today to get started.

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