5 Reasons to Buy in a New-Build Community

5 Reasons To Buy In A New-Build Community

You’ve saved, you’ve planned, you’ve dreamed, now it’s time to officially house hunt! Whether it’s your first home, your second, or your third, the process never gets easier. Finding a new home that’s perfect for you and your family is a huge responsibility and there’s so much to consider when purchasing a new house. From location and proximity to good schools and safety (plus let’s not forget about the actual house itself), you want to ensure that it has all the features and space you need.

At Revere Homes, we strive to help relieve the burden of the endless house hunt. We understand the importance of finding a home that meets all your criteria and we don’t believe you need to sacrifice any of it. That’s why we’re slightly biased towards choosing a new-build home in a safe, vibrant community.

We understand how tough it can be to make a home buying decision, so in order to help make this house-hunting process as easy and stress-free as possible, we’re sharing some top reasons why you should choose a new build community. Let’s dive into the biggest things to consider before purchasing in a new-build community, plus important questions to consider when buying a new construction home.

What Is A New Build Community?

While sometimes used interchangeably, a new-build home and new-build community are different concepts. A new-build home refers to any house that has been recently constructed, these don’t need to specifically be in a brand new community or area but can be built anywhere, including in more established neighborhoods.

A new-build community on the other hand is a planned neighborhood that includes only newly constructed homes and buildings. A new-build community also sometimes creates communal, social spaces like a gym, tennis court, pool, walking trails, or community center.

Is A New-Build Home Right For You?

Before you begin your search for a new-build home it’s crucial to sit down and really assess what is important for you and your family in a new house. Going house hunting without a list of essentials is like going grocery shopping while hungry. You might not end up with five bags of Cheetos but you will wind up touring numerous houses without purpose or success.

Dedicate an evening to crafting a master list of what’s needed for you and your family in a new home. Establish a maximum budget (make sure to include closing costs), number of bedrooms and bathrooms needed, and any desired features.

Next, look beyond the obvious needs and consider your hobbies and lifestyle. Do you love to cook? If so you’ll want to have a large kitchen with plenty of counter space and storage. Do you entertain often? You’ll likely want an open floor plan. Asking the right questions before you step foot in a potential house is the only way to ensure you’re focused and will avoid any future issues.

5 Reasons To Buy In A New-Build Community

There are definitely more than 5 reasons to buy in a new-build community, but we had to narrow it down. In reality, there are seemingly endless benefits to buying a new home and living in a new development. From low maintenance costs to luxurious customizations, here are some of the most popular, and beneficial reasons to buy new.

Low Maintenance

Older, previously “lived in” homes can possess plenty of charm and character but with that comes potential trouble, think creaky floorboards, faulty electrical wiring, and dated appliances to start. There is also the added cost of trying to turn an older house into your dream home. This becomes even more difficult when you get surprised with unexpected expenses after move-in, like a crack in the foundation, broken HVAC, or hidden mold.

New construction homes, on the other hand, come with a significant financial benefit: low maintenance costs. Being newly constructed means there won’t be any of these unfortunate surprises and new appliances means there will be little to worry about or maintain.


Shag carpet? Moldy bathtub? Wallpapered bathroom? Not to fear, with a new-build home you never have to worry about renovating or taking your home down to the studs just to make it look presentable.

Having a newly constructed turn-key home comes with tons of perks. Besides not having to renovate and find a DIY solution to de-shagging carpet, some of the other benefits include upgraded energy-efficient appliances, open floor plans, smart features, and custom finishes designed to your particular needs and taste. Moving into a brand new Revere Homes custom-designed house, for example, means everything from the wall color to the kitchen backsplash is completed upon your arrival. This means you get to spend more time unpacking and enjoying your new home rather than having to immediately start worrying about the time and cost it will take to make your house a home. Revere Homes new-builds also come with flexible floorplans, meaning you can choose whether you’d like a finished basement, multiple car garage, and so much more.

Safety & Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a new-build home in a newly planned community is the comfort of knowing that everything is up to code. In a new build development, you can rest assured knowing that your home has been carefully and safely built to current standards. Similarly, new-build communities are often built in safe, suburban areas. They’ve been particularly crafted with safety in mind, featuring well-lit streets and parks and decreased speed limits through developments.

In terms of your actual home, not only is everything up to code but it’s been built with energy efficiency in mind. New heating and cooling systems, proper insulation, LED lighting, and state-of-the-art appliances all help to reduce your home’s carbon footprint and keep your monthly bills down. (Learn more about the 6 Smart-Home Upgrades To Integrate Into Your Home).

You’ll never have to worry about replacing dated appliances, as new construction homes come with energy-efficient appliances, like stove, oven, dishwasher, already installed.


Unlike when purchasing a previously lived-in home, new-builds often come with a warranty. This typically covers any issues that occur within a year of owning your home. Most home warranties will cover HVAC, electrical, plumbing, windows, and any materials that were a part of initial construction. This means that if something were to break or have issues (though that’s fairly unlikely) it wouldn’t cost the homeowner anything.

It’s important to clarify the warranty before purchasing your new build home and to study it so you know exactly what is covered and what is your responsibility. Here’s a helpful link through The Federal Trade Commission which provides excellent resources for homeowners of newly built homes.

Amenities & Community

When moving into a new home in a new neighborhood, it can be very difficult to get to know the people in your community, especially in today’s world. It’s important for most people, especially families with children, to connect with their neighbors and live in a place that feels comfortable. New-build communities offer the opportunity to really get to know your neighbors and ensure your kids will have plenty of friends to play with.

New build communities also prioritize physical space for socialization, like playgrounds, community gardens, community centers, and more. Plus, luxurious amenities like pools, gyms, clubhouses, media rooms, and more allow you to enjoy all the benefits without the hassle of maintaining them.

Not sure how to find the right new-build community? Learn more about what you should look for in House Hunting: How To Find The New Build Community That’s Right For You.

The Revere Home Guarantee

Imagine a pristine home, never before dwelt in, where you create all the memories, all the pencil marks on the walls, all the laughter, and life that fills the rooms is yours alone. At Revere Homes, we pride ourselves on being experienced, creative, detail-driven home builders that listen and care about the people we’re building a new home for. From floor plans to finishes, you get to personalize and customize your home to suit you and your family. Ready to make your dream home a reality? Contact us today to get started.

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