What are the Benefits of a New Built Home?

What are the Benefits of a New Built Home?

If you’re thinking about a new home, you have options, buy an existing home or build a new semi-custom or fully customized home from a builder. There are benefits to all choices, and deciding which one is right for you will be a personal journey. However, before you start this journey, it would be a good idea to talk to the folks at Revere homes.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the benefits of building your own home, so talking to the professionals at Revere Homes will give you insight and knowledge that will be invaluable to you during this process. Talk to them and let their experience be a guide for your home-building journey.

Let’s look at some housing realities and then discover the benefits of building a custom home for you and your family.

Table of Contents

  • What are the Benefits of a New Built Home?
  • Housing Prices
  • Building a Home
  • Customization
  • Competition
  • Low Maintenance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • It’s New
  • A Future Proof Home
  • Flexible Space for Family Life
  • Up to the Minute Technology
  • You Can Choose a Builder
  • Choices

Housing Prices

It’s been in the news for months; home prices are going up everywhere. Utah is currently ranked number three in the US for annual appreciation. In the Salt Lake Metro area, home prices rose 15.9% over 2021, which looks to be a trend that will continue to grow. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average price for building a new home is $485,128. That price is slightly higher than the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) average cost of buying a single-family home that already exists, which is $408,800.

The reality of the housing market is houses are getting harder and harder to come by, with most homes staying on the market for no more than twenty days tops. Building is not going to be cheap, so knowing what is best for you and your family and the future of both is essential. Here are some thoughts on building a new, semi-custom home that will help you with your choice.

Building a Home

If you want to build a semi-custom home, contact Revere Homes. They have several floorplans that will fit your needs and dreams. Building a home is best when you work with an experienced builder who will listen and help guide you through the process. You’ll want to trust your future to a home builder that knows the area and can provide you with answers to all your questions. If you’re building, contact Revere Homes.

If you’re still deliberating about building a new home, here are some of the benefits that come with a semi-custom built home.


When building a new home from scratch, you’ll have the advantage of some serious customization choices. These will be choices in personalized details that fit your life and your specific tastes. You’re looking at ground up options that include floor plans to flooring and cabinets, lights, fixtures, even doorknobs, and paint colors. Building a home is a complete expression of you. That can be exciting because you know your home will be unique and special.


In Utah, as it is all over the country, the housing market is highly competitive. People are paying thousands over the asking price just to secure a home. Finding a house is complex, and the demand is causing prices to soar. However, if you own the land you’re looking to build on, or the land is part of the building package, then you’ve effectively neutralized the competition.

Low Maintenance

New homes are built to meet the most up-to-date building codes and have state-of-the-art technology. If you build a new home, you’re most likely not going to have to deal with significant repairs or outrageous maintenance issues for a while. So, you won’t worry about fixing a roof or faulty HVAC systems right away, which will mean saving money and giving you time to prepare for when or if those issues do arise. Additionally, many builders provide a limited warranty if something does break.

Energy Efficiency

A new home built just for you will feature the latest in energy-efficient systems as well as building materials. In the long run, this means lower energy bills. And, as a bonus, you’ll have a more eco-friendly dwelling that you can feel good about.

It’s New

Think about it. A house that has never been lived in, no pencil marks on the doorways, and no appliances have been used and worn. This is a blank slate on which you and your family can write their history. Don’t underestimate the wonders of creating your life anew in a home built just for you.

A Future Proof Home

Of course, we don’t mean that a custom-built home will stop time; no, no, that’s what custom cars are for. No, when we talk about future-proofing in a home, we’re talking about family planning.

One of the main reasons people decide to uproot and find a new home is because they realize the current home doesn’t accommodate their growing family. With a custom-built home, you can plan for that. Have rooms that will eventually be bedrooms, but you can use them for other things for now. The family growth is built-in, so you won’t have to deal with a move in the future.

Flexible Space for Family Life

Most younger families expect light and space in their homes. Well-lit “flex” spaces bridge the gap between dining, living and recreational areas. In a custom-built home, you have more control over those flexible spaces and more say over what parts of the house remain private. In essence, when building a home, you can dictate the social interactions that will be happening in your home by picking the layout that best suits your ideas on family living and entertaining.

Up to the Minute Technology

Once you move into a house, you start upgrading; maybe you want a room with a good sound system or an in-home theater. With a custom-built home, you can have all of those technological goodies right away; you can have them built into your new home. And, you can use the top of the line technology as well. Having all that ready to go and enjoy when you move in makes the place feel more you, more personal.

You Can Choose a Builder

A custom-built home is all about choices, and one option building your home gives you is the builder you hire to do the work.

Finding the right builder, one that works with only the best subcontractors and craftspeople to make your home uniquely yours. A good builder will also create a home that sits far above the accepted standards of the market and grow in value over the years.


When it comes to choosing to build a custom home, the bottom line is that it’s all about choices. Colors, patterns, floor plans, and more are all choices you get to make. Unlike buying an existing home where you have to settle for pr make do with what is there, you get to design and craft your home to suit your needs and wants.

Never underestimate the power of choices when you’re thinking about a new home. Buying a home is a significant event in most people’s lives, so why not get exactly what you want rather than settling or telling yourself, well, this will be okay for a while.

Revere Homes Has Choices

When it comes to knowledge, experience, and choices, you’re not going to find a better home builder than Revere Homes. With decades in the home building business, a variety of floorplans, and knowledge of the housing market and the best places in Utah to build and live, you should check in with Revere Homes before you make any decisions about building a new home. They’re happy to help, listen and offer advice to every home buyer.

Looking to build that perfect new home, contact Revere Homes today.

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