What are the Most Popular Floor Plans in Utah?

What Are The Most Popular Floor Plans in Utah?

Legend has it that the Contemporary Hotel, one of the first built on Disney’s Florida property, has rooms designed to be slipped in and out like dresser drawers so that the floor plans could be adjusted and changed periodically. However, as the legend goes, the rooms slid in, and the building settled, and the rooms were trapped like ancient mosquitos frozen in amber, never to have their floor plans updated again.

It’s a good story, but it is not factual at all. The rooms were indeed built complete, almost like in an automobile assembly line, then trucked complete with plumbing and electrical hook-ups to the site and put in place using giant cranes. However, for the Disney Corporation, along with United States Steel, knowing how much a building would settle due to weight, use and gravity would be something they had a grip on from the get-go and certainly wouldn’t take them by surprise. The floor plan for the Contemporary Hotel in Orlando was fixed and settled before construction started.

Once it is decided upon and built, a floor plan is pretty hard to change. What you do within that floor plan, positioning of furniture, etc., can change all the time. But to physically alter a floor plan, there is construction involved. So, if you’re building a new home, it’s a good idea to make sure you have the floor plan you want immediately, so there is no regret later on.

What Is A Floor Plan?

A floor plan, simply put, is an overhead design or diagram of your home’s design drawn to scale. A floor plan lets the home buyer map out exactly how they want the walls and rooms arranged. It allows the home buyer to see how appliances and furnishings will fit into the space they are creating with the builder.

A well-designed floor plan is essential in a newly built home. It spells the difference between a crowded, cramped home with an illogical layout and a comfortable, liveable space with options to change within the floor plan.

How is a Floor Plan Created?

In general, the home buyer is not responsible for creating a floor plan or their own blueprints. Once the homebuyer locates the property and wants to build a home, the next step is to get an architect who will then work with you to design a floor plan.

Another, more popular avenue is to find a home builder who knows the area well and has floor plans that they know work and provide enough choices to satisfy most buyers’ needs. The floor plans are usually adjustable to a degree. Finding this kind of builder is ideal for a new home builder because there are options, but the choices do not become overwhelming. In Utah, such a home builder is Revere Homes. This is a builder with floor plans for single-family homes to private townhomes with various options. If you’re looking to build a new home in Utah, they should be your first call.

What Makes a Good, Functional Floor Plan

It’s a good idea to let your imagination go wild for a bit when you’re building your new home; why not? Flights of fancy can lead to some remarkable discoveries. However, before you think well, an arboretum would look great in the guest bathroom; think on these ideas to help you create a good, functional floor plan.

How To Maximize Your Property

When planning your rooms, consider views and the placement of windows. What do you want to see when you’re in your kitchen, a nice backyard, or the sea in the distance, the sunrise? Maybe you want your driveway facing south; this would matter if you live in an area that gets snow. A south-facing driveway could make for less or easier snow shoveling in the winter months.

Efficiently Use Space

Look into creative ways that you can use space in your new home. Maybe you want to build an in-wall bookcase or display case. Perhaps that space under the stairs could be a great reading nook or meditation room. You are limited only by your imagination.

Go With The Flow

When thinking about room placement, think about the flow of the space and the movement of energy. You don’t want to lay out a house where it is confusing to get around, where things just don’t make sense. Be unique but not unique for unique’s sake; you’ll grow tired of that quickly.

Be Flexible

Some rooms are what they are; you will probably not decide to convert your kitchen into a home office. However, maybe one of the bedrooms will work that way. Rooms designed with flexibility in mind will give you more life in your home and make it more appealing when and if you decide to sell.

Size Matters

If you have a large and extended family, perhaps you’ll want to entertain a lot. In that case, a couple of small rooms won’t serve you and a bigger room with more space to play and gather. Think about the size of your family, where it might grow to, and how you like to function in your home that will affect your floor plan.

Your Lifestyle

If you have older family members that you foresee one-day moving into your home, think about bedrooms on the main floor, so they don’t have to deal with stairs. What about parties? Do you like to throw them for your kids and adults? Then room size for entertaining will be something you want to keep in mind when discussing your floor plan. And don’t ignore your outdoor living space. Do you want to have people over in the warmer weather? Is there a patio or a BBQ pit in your future? Your home should enhance and reflect your lifestyle choices.


I remember falling in love with this apartment in NYC, the light, the location, and I was ready to sign on the dotted line, but I brought some friends along to see it first, and that’s when they pointed out, there wasn’t a single closet in the place.

Make sure you know where and how many closets you’ll have. In bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, storage can make or break a home. You could end up with that amorphous room where everything gets piled in because you don’t have enough storage areas. This can become even more important during holidays when you have decorations to store or change out; where does all that stuff live?

Top Utah Floor Plans

When you think of Utah, you probably think of snow, skiing, hiking, and the mountains, which are all here for your enjoyment. Another factor in Utah is the family friendliness of the place. Many folks move to Utah specifically to start families, and families in Utah tend to be rather extensive.

Big families and family night activities are a huge factor in people’s floor plans when building in Utah. Here are a few of the most popular floor plan designs.

Single Family Two-story

Usually, the single-family home is all about family. A very popular floor plan has a garage which is excellent for two cars or even just for storage. On the main floor, you have your kitchen, dining room, half bath and a very popular feature, the great room. This is a perfect space for family night movies, games, and hosting the kid’s friends for sleepovers or parties.

The basement on this floor plan is finished and has two bedrooms, a bathroom, and another open space called an activity room. Perfect for the PlayStation, the big screen TV, or just some inviting couches and chairs.

The second floor holds the main bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, and three more bedrooms in this style floor plan. This is perfect for a large or growing family. There’s usually outdoor space, a yard, and a garden area as well.

These floor plans can run between 1,400 square feet up to about 1,850. Floor plans for this style house are available for viewing on Revere Homes’ floor plan page.

The Rambler

This style of home is very popular in Utah because of its use of space and its one floor, so older family members or guests don’t have to deal with a ton of stairs.

A rambler design is usually “L” or “U” shaped with everything on one floor. In the typical rambler, you have the main bedroom and two other bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, two and a half baths. You also get a mudroom and a great room which is that open space perfect for gathering and entertaining.

Lately, there has been a resurgence of the rambler-style home for its unique footprint, use of space, and a nostalgic feeling that is very popular.

This is a good style for smaller families or one where the kids have grown and moved away but like to come to visit often. The rambler-style home is on display here.

A Townhouse

Townhouses make for great first homes or lovely homes for retirees. This style of home is about vertical space, usually three floors and a shared wall with your neighbor. There is generally limited yard space, so keeping the grounds up to snuff isn’t an issue. There can be a deck or patio, but nothing too unmanageable.

Townhomes are named this because they are usually between the country and the city. Close enough to each that getting away or getting into is not an issue.

Most townhouses have a two-car garage; on the first floor, you have a kitchen dining area, and the always popular in Utah, great room, and usually a half bath. On the second floor, you’ll find bathrooms, bedrooms, and another lovely open area for whatever you want.

The top floor usually sports the main bedroom, two more bedrooms, laundry, a loft area, free space, two bathrooms, closets, and utility spaces.

This is a popular style in Utah due to it being a good starter home, as it is less expensive than a brand new home, and it makes sense for retired people who don’t have children around all the time. Revere Homes has beautiful townhomes available, and you can view them here.

Revere Homes Offer More

Those are just three of the popular styles of floor plans that Utahns seem to gravitate to; however, you’re never limited to just those three.

As we said earlier, your floor plan is limited only by your imagination and budget. Finding the right builder will allow you to understand all your options and get you the floor plan that fits your unique style and needs. Talk to the pros who’ve been doing this for decades. Visit Revere Homes and start your personal floor plan journey today.

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