New Construction Townhomes in Utah

New Construction Townhomes in Utah

Buying a new home, especially a first home, is a big decision. How many bedrooms, where the home should be, the proximity to schools, work, etc. One of the major concerns is going to the price of the new home vs. what you get for that price. With this in mind, many first-time buyers are finding that a townhome is a great answer for a new or even a first home. And, they are right. A townhome is an excellent alternative to a single-family home, especially when it is a new construction home from an experienced builder who knows the Utah area, like Revere Homes.

There are numerous things to consider when thinking about a new construction townhome in Utah, from location to construction to access to public transportation to resale value. We will examine and answer all of this to make your choice for buying a townhouse in Utah that much easier.

In this article, we will cover:

● What to look for in new construction townhomes

● New townhomes in Eagle Mountain, Utah

● New townhomes in Utah County

● How to get started with a new construction townhome

So, let’s jump in and get started on buying a new townhome.

What to Look for in a New Construction Townhome

As with any new home, location is going to be a significant consideration. And this is true for a couple of reasons. Cost is one. What will the location of your new townhome mean to commute expenses for work, school, shopping, and recreational opportunities? So, when you’re looking for your new townhome, new constricted or already existing, make sure the location will fit and enhance your lifestyle and not make your life more difficult.

Bedrooms are another consideration. Your current situation may require only one bedroom; however, you’ll want to think about the future when purchasing a new place. Does that future have children in it,  or perhaps a parent that you’ll want to come live with you as they get older? The townhomes in Revere Homes’ Apple Hollow offer three bedrooms, two and a half baths so that you can keep your future plans in mind without having to worry about making drastic changes in the future.

Another consideration when looking at townhomes is parking. Some places may offer parking; however, it may be a ways away from home, and they may ask you to pay extra for that. Usually, a townhome comes with covered parking but only one space per unit. Covered parking may be available, but again, it may be away from your home, and you’d be walking to and from your home and car during early mornings or late nights. Revere Homes townhomes have a garage and driveway space.

A well-constructed townhome is a great option when looking for something other than a traditional single-family home. It’s a wonderful first home for a new buyer and it can be an ideal home for a retiring couple. There are plenty of opportunities for personalization and lifestyle amenities in a townhome.

New Townhomes in Santaquin, Utah

In Santaquin, Utah, you’ll find Rever Homes’ Apply Hollow. This is a quaint community, as Revere Home calls it, the Hollow that holds your hearth. The hearth is the emotional and sometimes the logistical center of every home; from ancient times to now, the hearth is where the family gathers, the stories are shared, and the friendships are forged for life.

Apple Hollow in Santaquin offers cottages and Townhomes with options available that allow you to make your new construction townhome shine with your personal touches and tastes. These incredible townhomes feature lovely, stylish touches like countertops in choice of granite or quartz. Kitchen appliances are top of the line, and you have flooring options that range from carpet to tile or even luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP) for a wood floor look. And, every townhouse on Apply Hollow has an oversized 24’ x 24’ attached two-car garage. That means safety and convenience. You’ll never have to be looking for parking for your family or your guests. And no long walks in dark or bad weather from a community lot blocks away.

Revere Homes designed Apple Hollow to be more than just townhomes and cottages and separated lives. All dwellers have access to a community clubhouse. This centralized gather spot boasts a kitchenette, gathering rooms, fitness equipment, a media room, a splash pad, and a playground. Apple Hollow is a community in every sense. As a bonus, all landscaping and snow removal is handled by the HOA.

In Apple Hollow, you get that in-town feel of a classic townhome, but you also have the warmth and comfort of being part of a community.

Getting Started with a New Construction Townhome

When purchasing a new construction townhome, the process is very similar to those who are buying a new construction single-family home. There are six steps to the process that are easy to follow, and knowing them will make the process less confusing for you.

Securing a Loan

This will be your first step, as you cannot move forward with any part of the plan unless you have the money secured or cover the new home’s costs with current assets. Builders will usually have a list of lenders they prefer to work with who are very familiar with the process and typically provide a competitive rate.

Think about working with a lender the builder suggests; apart from understanding the process, they might provide the benefits of closing cost perks and more transparent communication all around.

As far as interest rates are concerned, if they do go up or are expected to go up, once you’ve got your loan, your rates will be secure for months down the road until your closing date.

Purchase Agreement

Once you’ve decided on a townhome and site, you’ll contact a builder and enter into a contract with them. Depending on the builder, there may be a lot hold reservation, as some builders prefer, or you may go right to the purchase agreement. Again, this will depend on the builder you choose.

The purchase agreement is a lengthy document, and it’s not like the policy docs you get with an iPod that you just skip to the bottom of and click agree. You’ll want to read this entire document carefully before you sign. Once you and the builder have signed, it is now called a ratified contract, and now you and the builder are bound and accountable to it.

A financial deposit is usually required at this stage, and that deposit will be split in two. One is an earnest money deposit, which demonstrates that you’re committed to the building. An options deposit commits a seller to deliver the title to all or a portion of a land parcel or finished lots on specified terms.

Options Meeting

This is a good one; when you feel that the process of buying a new construction townhome is all financial and documentation, remember there are fun moments as well; the options meeting is one of them.

In an options meeting, you’ll sit with your builder and discuss options to personalize your new construction townhome. This covers everything from structural options to finish options, paint colors, cabinets, door handles, and the like. Here is where you get to personalize and make the new place into precisely what you want.

Home Walk-Throughs

Notice this is plural. You should have walk-throughs during the entire building process. These are valuable for you to see the process but also for the future when you move in. You may get a pre-construction, a pre-drywall, and a pre-settlement walk-through.

Take pictures or video inside the alls in the pre-drywall walk-through; this is going to let you know where there is extra blocking, wires, pipes, etc., so when you move in, and you’re hanging the 273” TV, you’re not driving a nail into a bunch of wires.

Also, in the pre-drywall phase, inspectors should be visiting the site. This will give you time to review the inspector’s report with your builder. Get problems addressed and keep your goals on the right track.

The pre-settlement walk-through is your last chance to point out any issues or potential problems that the builder must address before closing, and you sign off and move in.


This meeting or event, as it may feel, takes place at the title office. The title company ensures that the loans have been approved, all the necessary paperwork has been signed, and the purchaser’s ownership is set into records. You will need to bring several things to the closing.

  • Agent or lawyer: an advocate who understands the intricacies of the home-buying process. This is especially critical for first-time homebuyers.
  • Photo ID; you’ll be signing documents that will need to be notarized, so you’ll need to prove that you are indeed, you.
  • A copy of the purchase agreement. This allows you to make sure that final documents align with what was outlined in the contract.
  • Proof of Homeowners Insurance. Lenders require homeowner’s insurance before issuing a mortgage. There may be other types of insurance needed; check with your builder.
  • A certified or cashier’s check. You will have to cover closing costs, downpayment, and a personal check is not acceptable.

It’s a big day, closing. Lots of emotion and worry, so it’s good to make sure you have what you need to avoid feeling overwhelmed at the office.

Warranty Service

This is another upside of purchasing a new construction townhome. Several months after closing, you will have a warranty walk-through. This walk-through allows you to check in with the builder and address any issues on things covered by the warranty. It will vary. However, it’s typical that a builder will offer one to two years coverage on materials and workmanship and up to ten years coverage on structural elements. Take the time when you move in to note problems or questions and address them all during the warranty walk-through.

Go with Experience

Buying a new construction townhome, even if you’re not a first-time buyer, can be overwhelming. Before you make any moves, it would be wise to talk to a builder with decades of experience in Utah. A builder that understands the building process and knows the area, the schools, the lifestyle difference so they can help you with the perfect new townhome in the perfect place.
Your first step should be to call Revere Homes. They will have the answers you’re looking for and the options on new construction townhomes that you can feel good about. It’s a big step, buying a new construction townhome, make that step firm and secure, one that is supported by knowledge, experience, and care. Take that step with Revere Homes.

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