5 Reasons Why Spring Run in Eagle Mountain is the Perfect Community for You and Your Family

5 Perks of Living in Spring Run at Eagle Mountain

That’s a bold statement, isn’t it? Perfect community for you and your family. Well, we don’t make that statement lightly, and we fully believe that once you take a look at Spring Run in Eagle Mountain, you’re going to think the same thing; this is the perfect place for us.

From location and home choices to customizable features and those ever-important details, what we’re creating in Eagle Mountain is something to be seen, and once you do, it’s something you’ll want to experience for years to come.

Why are we so excited about our Spring Run Estates and Cottages? Well, we could go on for days, but, for now, here are five reasons why you’re going to love living here.

#1: Personalized

Everyone likes choices, and we all want a place to add touches to make it ours. Our house is now our home. Spring Run gives you choices and options to make your new house your dream home.

First off, you can choose between a cottage or an estate. There are twenty-five different floor plan choices between these two communities—a variety of square footage and lot size and two-story or rambler design.

Once you’ve picked your home, you can customize the exterior with either stucco, stone, or even a full craftsman style.

Interior choices include some layout features, appliances, flooring, and more. Ask your Revere Homes rep for more details because there are many more details waiting for you to choose.

#2: Location: Eagle Mountain

Eagle Mountain is just 32 miles south of Salt Lake City, but it feels like a different world. Safe from the hustle and congestion of the big city, Eagle Mountain is one of the fastest-growing, yet still tight-knit towns in Utah. It is attracting more business and more families looking for a peaceful life in a pastoral setting.

Its growth rate makes it an excellent place for real estate owners with competitive prices and more building options. Relationships are being forged between new businesses and burgeoning neighborhoods.

It’s safe, and it feels unique, with a history dating back to the Pony Express. A great place to raise kids and to live close enough to the action and work of Salt Lake or Provo, but far enough away to feel like a welcoming hometown.

Pony Express Days

Speaking of history, every summer, the Pony Express Days are a colorful and unique celebration of Utah’s history. Eagle Mountain straddles the pony express’s original path, so these summer festivities celebrate the old with a new mingling.


Eagle Mountain has a large population of children. In fact, last year’s statistics show that 48% of the population is under 18. So, starting a family or growing your family is more comfortable here.


Eagle Mountain has an incredible 35 parks and counting. From splash pads and sports complexes to quiet hikes and playgrounds for kid’s parties, you’re sure to find a park that fits your outdoor desires.

#3: Home Choice

Variety is well known to be the spice of life, and with Spring Run, you have a large variety of home choices. If you’re a couple just starting a family or you’re suddenly finding yourself adding to your family, and it’s time for more space, Spring Run in Eagle Mountain has the right home for your family no matter what stage of development you’re in.


Here are just a few examples of cottages available to you and your family in Spring Run.

Abby- Here, you have a three-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home with 2,538 total square feet of living space in a two-story design.

Florence – This is a lovely two-story design that features four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and a generous 3,402 total square foot living space to customize and personalize.

Maddi – Here, you have a two-story, four-bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms with a spacious 3,198 total square feet of living and a growing area to personalize.

Monroe – This is a four-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home with 2,453 total square feet in a two-story design just waiting for your personal touches.

The Estates

Here is a sampling of estates available to you at Spring Run.

Ashmore – This is a four-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home, 4,176 total square feet of living space in a two-story estate design.

Carmen– Here, you have three bedrooms, and two bathrooms with 4,110 total square feet to personalize in a rambler style home.

Hayden– This is a four-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, two-story design with a generous 4,646 total square feet of living space.

Strathmore– A three-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, with 3,327 total square feet of living space in a lovely rambler design.
And that’s just scratching the surface. There are many more homes to choose from, all with customizable options.

For a full view of all the Estates and Cottages at Spring Run, check here.

#4: Experience

Experience is essential when building homes. You want people that know what they’re doing and have worked out all the kinks. They understand what people want as well as what they need. Experience means picking the perfect locale, knowing that the surrounding area is suitable for families with plenty of things to do, places to recreate, and schools to educate kids.

Experience means knowing that people like a variety of choices inside and outside their homes. That people want green lawns and good neighborhoods. That coming home means coming to a place of comfort and joy.

And experience means details. We love details because we know that the details are what make your dream home unique and special. We create elements you may not even notice when you first move in; you’ll be so overwhelmed at how stunning your beautiful new home is. But, as time goes by and life is lived in your new home, you’ll discover details that we know are important. You’ll suddenly find one of these small details and realize they make the difference between a lovely house and your dream home. We know this from experience.

Revere Homes is a locally acclaimed, trusted, experienced builder of affordably beautiful semi-custom homes. With over two generations of experience, expertise, and passion, we will build you the home where you were meant to live.

And, #5: Community

Revere Homes doesn’t just have experience in building homes; we have experience in building communities.

A community is defined as a feeling of fellowship with others resulting from sharing common interests, attitudes, and goals. For us, those are not old-fashioned ideals; they are the thread that binds us together as people.

A community is a place where you pull into the driveway at night and feel relaxed and welcome enough to lean on the car and chat with your neighbor for a while before you go in and join the family for supper.

A community is where you know the kids are safe because you know your neighbors, and you all watch out for each other.

A community is friendships forged over years of living near each other, experiencing joys and griefs together. Holding a hand in times of hardship and delivering a massive bouquet of balloons to celebrate a time of joy.

A community is more than just houses in a row; its hearts and minds are bent in the same direction with the same purpose, a good life in a safe, welcoming environment.

Spring Run in Eagle Mountain is that kind of community. It is built with care and experience, built to last, and creates new connections, new friendships that last a lifetime and beyond.

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