From House to Home: 10 Decorating Tips from Our Apple Hollow Model Homes

From House To Home: 10 Decorating Tips from Our Apple Hollow Model Homes

We’ve all been there: scrolling through Pinterest or the #homedecor hashtag on

Instagram late at night, saving, pinning, and wishing your house could look that effortlessly luxurious.

Whether it’s a new home or you want to refresh your current space, decorating shouldn’t be an expensive, time-consuming, or overwhelming ordeal. There are plenty of ways to realistically customize your home with authentic personalization, DIYs, and affordable decor options. In fact, you’d be amazed at what some paint, high-end looking finishes, strategic furniture placement, and a little creativity can do for transforming the look and feel of your house.

That’s what the fundamental of interior design is all about, turning a house into a home. A house is just an empty foundation, a structure that provides shelter. A home on the other hand, is your respite from the world. It should be a place that’s comfortable, safe, meaningful, and makes you feel your most relaxed. Your house likely won’t feel like home until you’ve put your personal stamp on it. Whether that’s hanging family photos, tossing a cozy afgan over the chair, or painting a bold accent wall.

Tackling interior design, especially for an entire house, can be daunting. Rest assured, it doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, you likely don’t want your home to look like it was ripped from the page of a magazine, you want it to reflect your personality, lifestyle, and memories.

Unsure where to start? We’ve narrowed down our favorite affordable yet luxurious home decor tips pulled straight from our Apple Hollow model townhomes. Discover the insider decorating tricks utilized by our new construction in Santaquin, Utah and get ready to turn your house into your dream home.

Our Top Home Decorating Ideas

At Revere Homes we’re all about beautiful design and affordable luxury. A comfortable yet show-stopping space doesn’t need to be furnished top to bottom in designer. Instead, we love high-low mixing and blending key statement pieces with coordinating details. Our Apple Hollow model townhomes utilizes some of our best design and decor tricks that create a warm, relaxing space.

The easiest place to start is to think about the rooms that get the most use. Typically that’s the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. Begin decorating these high-traffic areas that are at the heart of your home and let the design flow through the rest of the home.

Focus on Feeling

You’ve most likely already gotten some inspiration from browsing online, but after your tenth Pinterest board it’s easy to be overwhelmed. While having inspiration photos is always helpful, what’s more important than aesthetics is the feeling a space brings you. Consider what brings you the most joy before tackling home decor.

Is it gathering around the kitchen while cooking? Watching movies under a fluffy blanket, or taking a peaceful bath in a spa-like atmosphere? Do you want your home to feel like a rustic escape or a luxurious hotel?

Before you even look at paint color it’s necessary to nail down the atmosphere you want to create. This gives you a helpful starting point that will guide you through the entire design process. Decorating without feeling is like driving without a destination. You’ll end up with a hodgepodge of pretty furnishings, but ultimately your home will be completely devoid of character. This is the perfect time to embrace your personality, hobbies, and interests and infuse them into your home.

Use Paint in Unexpected Places

One of our favorite ways to add a little extra wow factor is to get creative with paint. Painting is one of the most affordable (and simplest) ways to completely transform a space. For example, to avoid a cold living room, painting the walls a subtle grey or mocha will add more warmth than white or beige.

To create a more modern space, try painting the window trim or stairwell a dark grey, navy, or black. This gives your home a crisp contrast and adds interested details. Another fabulous place to play with paint? The kitchen cabinets. Forgo the expected wood finishes or bright white cabinets for a trendy blue, lively teal, or show-stopping green.

Colored cabinets, especially when paired with a crisp white backsplash or countertop, brings a sense of vibrancy to an otherwise boring kitchen. It’s a fresh, design-forward approach and best of all, completely customizable to your personal taste.

Pick Statement Lighting

Picking light fixtures may not seem like the most exciting (or important) part of interior design, yet lighting is make or break in turning your house into a home. If you think about spaces that don’t feel comforting, ie: doctor’s offices, schools, or even dated houses, they typically have one thing in common: harsh fluorescent ceiling lights.

Installing statement light fixtures like a modern pendant lamp, vintage-inspired sconce, or dramatic chandelier gives a space an instant upgrade. Not only do statement lighting fixtures tie a room together, they draw the eye upwards, making a space feel much bigger.

Similarly, playing with lamps of various sizes, shapes, and colors give your home added warmth. Plus, these give rooms more lighting options so you can skip the bright overhead lights and turn on a few lamps instead for a more intimate feeling.

Embrace White Walls

Depending on your personal style, you may not want your walls to be a rich color. Instead, keeping your walls a neutral white opens the door to numerous other decorating possibilities. We love how white walls function as a blank canvas for things like gallery walls, statement art, decals, and tiles.

Master the #shelfie

Whether it’s a built-in, bookshelf, or decorative console, creating layers and dimension on shelves helps to give them extra oomph. Alternate between using books, candles, decorative objects, photos, and personal trinkets to style a shelf.

Create layers by placing some books vertical and some stacked horizontally. Place decorate objects or candles either in front or on top of these stacks.

Create a Focal Point

When you enter a room, a focal point will be the first thing that catches your eye. For most interior designing it’s important to identify what the focal point will be and design the rest of the space around it. The focal point dictates the flow of a space, where people will gather, and where your furniture will do.

Every room needs an eye-catching focal point but let’s make one thing clear: this shouldn’t be the TV. Instead, in a family room or living room for example, your focal point can be a fireplace, large painting, or even a large piece of furniture like an antique armoire. In a bedroom it can be a bedframe, lighting fixture, or accent wall.

Create Depth With Details

One of our coziest decor tips is learning how to properly layer couches and beds.

Similar in concept to how you’d style a shelf, the goal is to create dimension with layers of objects. For your bed, the first layer would be your standard, everyday pillow shams. In front of those pillows place 2 medium-sized decorative pillows with varying patterns or textures. Next finish with a smaller decorative pillow or lumbar pillow. The result? A bed you’ll be desperate to cuddle up in right after you make it.

You can use this same practice and apply it to styling a couch, accent chair, or dining room table. Just be sure to mix patterns, textures, and colors while strategically layering each object.

Opt For High-End Touches

In the wise words of Peridot Designs: “Finishes set the tone for how your home feels.” Now, this doesn’t mean you need everything to be expensive. Instead select smaller finishing touches like doorknobs, cabinet handles, lightswitch covers, or bathroom fixtures, to prioritize.

Take a kitchen for example, if you can’t replace dated countertops, new vibrant green cabinets with brass handles will instantly update it. These are also items that will get lots of wear so it’s worth it to opt for gold, stainless steel, and brass finishes.

Don’t Ignore Function

A functional home is a happy home. While that luxe cream sofa might look glamorous, your kids and dogs will most likely disrupt that fantasy, and quick. Remember, you want to enjoy the home you live in and not fear or avoid truly living.

If you design only for appearances you can end up feeling like you’re not really home, and after all, that’s the whole point. Instead consider your lifestyle and how you can best blend function with style.

Do you always have toys, blankets, or papers scattered around? If so, look for ways to create storage spaces that are also aesthetically pleasing like farmhouse style wicker baskets or ottomans with extra storage inside.

Engage the Other Senses

While sight is usually the only aspect of interior design people think about, don’t forget about the power of scent. Smells are inherently connected to memories so engaging that power will give your house that ‘homey’ feeling.

Pick a few favorite candles, flower bouquets, or essential oils to always have available in your home. This immediately transforms your home into a quiet refuge after a vacation or stressful day of work.

The Revere Homes Guarantee

We pride ourselves on being experienced, creative, detail-driven home builders that listen and care about the people we’re building a new home for. We know the difference and we joy in assisting the transformation of making a house your home.

Living in a Revere Home means never having to compromise on any detail that you’ve been dreaming about. Imagine a pristine home, never before dwelt in where you create all the memories, all the pencil marks on the walls, all the laughter, and life that fills the rooms is yours alone.

We take all of that luxury, detail, and personalization, all that imagined perfection of a new home, and we make it your reality. We are focused on bringing to life your dream new home.

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