Top 5 Suburbs of Salt Lake City

Top Five Suburbs of Salt Lake City

Mason Cooley once remarked, “A suburb is an attempt to get out of reach of the city without having the city be out of reach.” Many people feel that’s true; they like the quiet treelined trees but love knowing that they are back in the heart of the action in a quick car ride.

In the years following world war II, wages rose, the government built the Interstate Highway System, and homeownership was more manageable than ever. All this made living away from where people worked appealing and more affordable. It also made life feel safer for raising a family. In 1946, William Levitt built the first Levittown in Long Island, New York. This became the archetype for what we now know as the suburbs. The suburban population grew and expanded over the next two decades.

For those who love city life, the suburbs can feel like a return to the 1950s, a place to gawk at or joke about. However, if you’re raising a family, have the urge to grow a garden, or just need to put some distance between you and the daily grind, the suburbs are a little slice of heaven. No matter what your preference, it’s likely that you can find a suburb that will suit your living needs. Treelined streets, quick commute, walkable school routes, or just the desire to cultivate a vast garden being satisfied. Whatever your desires, there’s a suburb for you. If it’s time to move out of the city and into suburban life, here are five, in no particular order, of the best Salt Lake City suburbs and what they offer.

North Salt Lake- Downtown accessible & Family Friendly

If your work takes you downtown Salt Lake and you’re raising a family, this would be an ideal place for you to live. The area is constantly growing, with new shopping malls just built, so you know it’s never going to go out of style.

If you’re worried about the commute, it’s a quick jump onto I-15 and US-89, so the commute is a breeze ta about twelve minutes.

As for homes, on the east side of town, there are larger homes with specious lots that sit at the edge of the Eaglewood Golf course. The west side boasts smaller homes that house families with kids. The west side of town is a bit cheaper; however, it is still very safe.

Population – 20,507
Median Home Value – $388,467

Holladay- Best Living for Older Families

Holladay is known as being one of the oldest communities in the Salt Lake area. It is also one of the wealthiest cities in Salt lake. The population includes a lot of professionals, which means an older population. There are still families, but their kids are primarily high school age.

Homes in this area have been around for a while, and they are constantly being upgraded or renovated. Many people have had old homes bulldozed and rebuilt new ones on the lot. Most of Holladay has been developed.

Proximity to the canyons makes this a fine city to live in if you love to ski, snowboard, dog-sled, or snowshoe. It’s also just a nice place to live.

Population – 30,709
Median Home Value – $555,070

Sugar House- Affluent, LGBTQ+ Friendly

Sugar House is a diverse, culture-rich suburb that is also one of Salt Lake’s most affluent. This charming town boasts a large and thriving LGBTQ+ community while still being home to a large number of families with small children. The mix is delightful and peaceful.

The town also has a long history, and it’s not uncommon to find homes that are 150 years old. The history of the area makes the quiet streets, treelined and brick-faced, feel safe and welcoming. Sugar House Park is also a haven for dog walkers, kids at play, and some pretty good sledding in the winter. A great suburb for families and for those who identify as LGBTQ+.

Population – 34,996
Median Home Value – $464,091

Sandy- Outdoor Lovers Perfect Home

Sandy is located a bit further away from downtown Salt Lake, and it sits right against the mountain. That’s a big part of the appeal. Living here, you’ll have quick access to great ski resorts Brighton and Alta. Some of the mountainside homes are getting older; however, there is new construction happening all the time.

The town is very family-friendly, with older kids in larger homes and apartments that encourage younger families as well. It’s about 30 minutes from downtown, and there is easy access to Lehi, which is home to the Adobe campus and more tech giants. The Lehi area will be building up fast in the coming years as the tech industry quickens its inward flood. Sandy will keep you close by but far enough away from the ensuing madness.

Sandy is also known for great shopping if that interests you. A convention center and a lot of new jobs are available.

Population – 96,145
Median Home Value – $431,200

Farmington- Families and Education

This town is one of the most desirable for families with kids who want access to excellent and plentiful education. There are more elementary schools than you can shake a stick at, although why you’d shake a stick at an elementary school is beyond us. But, if that’s what you’re into, get your stick and start shaking. Also, they just built a brand new high school that was designed to be one of the most modern schools worldwide.

With tons of playgrounds in the neighborhoods, kids rule the roost here. The schools, the focus on modernizing education, and the family-friendly atmosphere assure this will be a family town for a long time.

Population – 24,066
Median Home Value – $439,429

It sounds romantic finding the meaning of life in Tibet, but enlightenment in Tibet is for Tibetans! The meaning of life for most of us is probably in the suburbs.” – Andrew Matthews, Author

What Do You Need

That’s just five, and there are many more. Salt Lake City is, in and of itself, a very manageable, friendly city. When you compare it to bigger cities like New York or San Francisco, Salt Lake feels smaller, more welcoming, and easier to navigate. The expansions of Trax have made more parts of the downtown area accessible for commuters and revelers alike.

More apartment complexes are rising every day, and the downtown neighborhoods have history, style, and various personalities. Still, if you’re not a city dweller at heart, there is no need to despair. There are plenty of suburbs to feed your family needs, your growing needs, and your I just have to be far from the office at the end of the day, needs.

Build a Home

If you’re looking to move out of the city but not sure what kind of place you want to live in, here’s a suggestion, talk to the folks at Revere Homes.

Revere Homes knows the Salt Lake suburbs like no other home builder. With safe, family-friendly communities, close to Salt Lake townhouses, and spacious lots just waiting for your personal touch, the chances are good that Revere Homes can help you with your migration out of the city and into a new life in the suburbs.

These suburbs are lovely and suit various needs, but don’t forget that the housing market in Salt Lake right now is steaming hot. Houses are not staying on the market for very long, and prices are rising at an alarming rate. Finding a home that you can afford and that fits all your family and lifestyle needs has gotten much harder in the last year or so. Finding that suburban dream life may not be as easy as it once was. Again, this is where a talk with Revere Homes could make your dreams an easy reality

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