5 Tips for Moving Made Easy

5 Tips For Moving Made Easy

Is there anything more notoriously stressful than moving? Even if you’re excited to start the next chapter of your life in your beautiful new home, the actual process of packing, unpacking, updating subscriptions, and changing your address is enough to diminish your excitement altogether. While there will no doubt be some stress that accompanies moving homes or towns, there are plenty of things you can do ahead of time and on the actual moving day to ensure things run as smoothly and snag-free as possible.

With our helpful tips for packing, unpacking, and moving, you’ll be eager to start packing up. The most important thing? Keep a positive attitude! Whether this is your first home or your tenth, purchasing a home is an incredible life event that should be celebrated. So pop some bubbly and let’s get to it.

How To Pack For A Move

Packing for a move should never be left to the last minute. We know it can be stressful but whether you’re getting some professional moving help or you’re doing it alone, there are plenty of ways you can make the packing process much more streamlined. From always putting heavy items in the bottom of a box to labeling everything, here are a few of the best packing hacks from moving insiders:

Get the right supplies: Before you even begin packing for a move, make sure you have all the proper packing materials. Purchase boxes of various sizes, packing tape, tissue paper or packing peanuts, box cutters, garbage bags, and markers or labeling systems. If you won’t have any professional help you may also want to get furniture pads, straps, and dollies.

Leave clothes on their hangers: Why unhang everything just to have to re-hand them again? Instead, keep clothes on hangers in a group and put them into wardrobe boxes or wrap them in dry cleaner bags or large garbage bags.

Utilize linens: Ran out of packing paper? Use towels, pillows, sheets, and blankets to wrap up breakable and fragile items.

Make use of extra space: packing up bowls, pots, and drawers? Save money and space in boxes and instead fill these extra spaces up with items you’re planning on moving.

Plastic wrap liquids: Moving shampoo, moisturizer, or cleaning products? Unscrew the lid, place a piece of plastic wrap over the opening and then add the top back on. This will help prevent spills during the moving process.

Keep important documents: Tax returns, passports, and other important documentation and paperwork should never be packed with everything else. Instead, put these into a small box or folder and have it with you personally during the move.
Pack your essentials: Pack a suitcase or overnight bag with anything you’ll need immediate access to including shower supplies, a change of clothes, electronics and chargers, any medications, and items of sentimental value.

5 Easy Tips For Moving

1. Start Preparing ASAP

  • You’ll most likely know about a move several weeks (if not months) before it happens. This gives you plenty of time to prepare. There are many things you can do to prepare for your big move. Start purchasing packing supplies or looking for empty boxes at stores or through friends. If you’re hiring a professional moving company, get a few quotes and book one as soon as you can. You can also start organizing items in your home and looking into the process of switching over your internet and cable providers.

2. Clean That Clutter

  • Enter your new home with a true clean slate. Moving is the perfect excuse to get rid of things in your current space that you no longer need. After all, do you really need to move that torn winter jacket or faded couch? Start small, in a drawer or corner of a room and go through everything. Anything that’s expired or beyond repair you can toss but everything else can be donated to local charities or places like Salvation Army or Goodwill.

3. Schedule Your Utilities

  • Probably the most annoying aspect of moving is setting up all your new utilities. Be sure to get a firm move-in date finalized and as soon as you know which day you’re moving you can contact utility companies to schedule service. This means that on moving day you’ll have water, electricity, and internet access up and running.

4. Label Everything

  • Probably the most important aspect of packing for a move is staying organized. During the packing process it might feel like an extra task but you’ll be so glad you did it once it’s time to unpack. Labelling everything means you know exactly what box goes where and what its contents are. You can use several different methods like marking with a sharpie, using a color coded method, purchasing easy to scan QR code stickers, or taking pictures of what’s going in each box.

5. Have A Plan for Kids & Pets

  • Think moving is stressful on you? It’s even more intense for small children and pets. Wait to bring them into the new place until the majority of your things have been delivered and you’ve had a chance to unpack a few important boxes and have their beds and essentials set up. You’ll also get these tasks done a lot quicker without worrying about them. Let kids have a playdate or stay with family and consider having a friend watch your pet or put them into doggy (or kitty) daycare.
6. Bonus

Order pizza, lots of pizza.

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